The Bright Eyes Natural Eyesight Improvement Course teaches methods that will relax and improve your vision (day and night!). You will learn techniques for taking care of your eyes and for relaxing your face and neck.  The potential results are a more youthful appearance, freedom from glasses and contacts, improved reading, driving and using the computer without blur or fatigue. The natural qualities of vision such as color vibrancy, depth perception, and three dimensional seeing are our birthright and can be yours again.

In Natural Eyesight Improvement classes you will learn:

  • Games and activities to relax the unconscious tensions underlying visual blur.
  • Breathing techniques to increase oxygen to the eyes and brain.
  • Sunning to counteract light sensitivity and improve color intensity.
  • Relaxed eyesight habits for reading, computer work, driving and T.V. watching.
  • Massage and Acupressure points to relax facial tensions and eyestrain.
  • Eye anatomy and physiology and the reasons why and how to use your eyes the way they were designed to be used.
  • Ways to improve night vision.

You will learn all this and more with BrightEyes Natural Eyesight Improvement Classes. Many students of natural eyesight training have received multiple benefits from this course.  Many have moved out of glasses completely or avoided moving into glasses through this educational program. Some students report better sleep, a more relaxed, younger looking face, less neck and shoulder tension, improved memory and other improvements in their general, overall health.

This is an educational program. There is no diagnosis, treatment, or determination of function included in this program. Students are advised to have their Optometrist or Ophthalmologist monitor their progress and prescribe weakened lens when needed. Please call 706-540-4992 for more information.

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