Natural Eyesight Improvement Teacher

Roseanne Hutchinson

Roseanne received a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana Tech University and currently works part-time as an Environmental Biologist.  She has studied natural healing, nutrition, and spiritual sciences since she was a young girl and continues to study health and healing, especially as healing relates to spirituality. She trained to teach Natural Eyesight Improvement with the world’s leading authority in the field of natural eyesight improvement, Thomas R. Quackenbush. (

When Roseanne began learning the techniques that she teaches today, her eyeglasses prescription was OD -3.25 and OS – 2.00.  A mere two months later, when her eyes were checked, her prescription was OD -2.25 and OS -1.75! Roseanne is ecstatic about this improvement and her ability to see is improving as she practices daily the methods she teaches.

Roseanne is the proud mother of two grown children and also grandmother to one vivacious granddaughter. She owns and operates Roseanne’s Raw Kitchen ( and volunteers occasionally with Athens Locally Grown.  In her recreation time Roseanne enjoys spending time reading, visiting with family and friends, hiking, crafts, and simply ‘being’ in nature.

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