Isn’t natural eyesight improvement about doing eye exercises?
No, in fact, natural eyesight improvement teachers do not believe in eye exercises. Eyes do not become near- or far-sighted or develop astigmatism because we didn’t do our eye exercises!  Blurry vision is simply a result of strain and poor vision habits.  Eye exercises tend to increase the strain and mental tension that contributes to blur!  The BrightEyes Center for Natural Eyesight Improvement classes systematically teach people how to develop appropriate vision habits, all day long every day to gradually restore natural, healthy vision.

Am I too old to benefit from this natural method of eyesight improvement?
Absolutely not!  Anyone, at any age, can benefit from the techniques taught at BrightEyes Center for Natural Eyesight Improvement.  If you have the motivation and interest in this method, you can reap the benefits.  In fact, many of the best students are older folks who have been told that they will be needing cataract surgery soon!  Why?  Those students are motivated to avoid frightening and costly surgery!

Can my children take these classes?
At this time I do not schedule children’s group classes, but can work with individual children or families privately.  Children are perfect candidates for this method because their blur has not become habitual for the number of years adults have.  Children can recover good vision habits quickly and stay out of glasses for the rest of their lives!  Please call (706) 540-4992 for information about individual recommendations and family discounts, the adult classes might be appropriate for some older children.  One of the best things parents can do for their children is to take the classes for themselves to avoid unconsciously passing on the poor vision habits to their children.

How can I find an eye doctor who will prescribe reduced prescriptions?
Please call me at (706) 540-4992 for the name of a local (Athens, Georgia area) optometrist who understands and will be happy to help you with a reduced prescription.

Why hasn’t my eye doctor told me about this?
Modern, orthodox medical training still teaches ophthalmology and optometry students that refractive errors are solely physical in nature and that there is no way except glasses to improve it.  Just as the modern medical field still teaches medical students about symptoms of disease and which pharmaceuticals to prescribe, ophthalmology students are taught that glasses are the only fix.  This allopathic way of thinking took precedence many years ago and is only recently being nudged by the alternate ‘prevention’, more wholistic way of addressing healing.  This is the training that these students receive, and they deserve our respect for their years of study and training.  There are many very serious eye problems that the natural vision improvement methods do not address and for this we are grateful for the training that eye doctors receive.  They are simply not taught that the Bates Method works.

That being said, there are eye doctors in this country who do understand the Bates Method, especially behavioral ophthalmologists, but they are still hard to find.  At this time, I simply do not know the attitudes of all the local optometrists and ophthalmologists.  (See FAQ  How can I find an eye doctor who will prescribe reduced prescriptions?)

How long will it take?
Oh I wish I had an easy answer to this one!  The answer to this question depends on so many factors that there is no easy answer.  It will depend on your particular eyesight prescription, how long you have been using poor vision habits, your level of motivation and enthusiasm about the method, your belief system about the method, and so much more.  Many students see improvement right away, and the improvement continues over the months.  Some students see improvement and then hold without improvement for a while.  Every person is different and the results will be entirely up to you.  If you continue to have lifelong, proper vision habits your eyeball can return to its normal, spherical shape and your eyesight can improve.

I am quite skeptical, do you have any scientific proof that this method works?
There are scientific studies from the early years, back in the 1920′s, when Dr. Bates was doing his research on eyesight improvement.  There are additional studies showing significant results from the 1980’s. (Irwin B. Suchoff, O.D., and Timothy G. Petito, O.D. (1986) Journal of the American Optometric Association.  Also see (Rouse, 1987) American Journal of Optometry & Physiological Optics.)

I have proven to myself that this works (see Roseanne’s Vision History) as have thousands of students throughout the last several decades since Dr. Bates shared his remarkable research.  For me, this is all the proof that I need!

Who is Dr. Bates?
Dr. Bates graduated from Columbia University in New York, and became a very successful and respected eye surgeon. He also taught Ophthalmology at New York Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital for several years.   Lucky for us, he was an independent thinker and he loved to research.  In his private practice, he began to notice that many patient’s eyesight could fluctuate and even appear to spontaneously correct right there in his office!  So he began to question the conventional training he had received and was in fact, teaching.  He was so driven by his ideas that he gave up his very successful practice and went into the hospital and began to research.  Dr. Bates was frustrated by the practice of putting glasses on people and then watching the glasses getting stronger and stronger.  Then, he healed his own presbyopia, proving to himself that his teachers and colleagues were wrong, it isn’t age related.  He had been told that his lens was “hard as a stone” and no one could do anything to help him, he would have to wear glasses for the rest of his life.  So from the results of his own research and healing his own eyesight, he developed the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement.  And this is what I have been trained to teach.  Now Dr. Bates was expelled and so he continued his research  and eventually wrote books and worked  extensively with teachers and children in public schools because he had become so upset by  the knowledge that putting kids in eyeglasses  was detrimental. He worked with people privately 7 days a week, 10 hours a day.  When he passed away, his work was rewritten (by some very left brained folks) and actually misunderstood to be exercises.  Dr.  Bates was right about most everything he wrote but not 100%, and the two or three mistakes that he made have been used as ‘evidence’ that all of his ideas were wrong.  So, the field threw the baby out with the bathwater, and the orthodox way of treating blur with glasses became the norm.  You can read more about Dr. Bates and study his newsletters which are very motivating and encouraging.

Are you a Bates teacher?
Yes, I am a natural eyesight improvement teacher using the Bates method.  I was trained by Thomas R. Quackenbush who is the author of Relearning to See.

I have had (RK, PRK, CK) eye surgery.  Can I still take your class?   Yes, however, please contact me for a telephone consultation before registering for the classes (706) 540-4992.  You will need to be educated about the effects on your health due to the surgery and what you might expect if you decide to pursue natural eyesight improvement methods.  There are many health benefits to learning the natural vision improvement methods!  It is an important decision that warrants your special attention.  If you decide to pursue the natural methods taught at BrightEyes Center for Natural Eyesight Improvement, there is a waiver that you will need to sign.